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Blood-Flow Restriction (BFR) Training

Blood-Flow Restriction (BFR) Training


Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood-flow restriction (BFR) training can help patients make greater strength gains by recruiting more motor units within the muscle while lifting lighter loads. This reduces the overall stress placed on the limb and causes hypertrophy, adaptation and improvement in strength faster.  BFR is perfect for those unable to tolerate high loads, such as those who are recovering from injury or the elderly.

By applying the right amount of external pressure to an extremity, it is possible to maintain arterial inflow while occluding venous outflow distal to the occlusion site.

Benefits include:

*Increased muscle strength and avoid atrophy

*Avoid breakdown and next day soreness

*Anti- aging for the entire body

*Improved recovery and performance

*Improved endurance while exercising with lower resistance or lighter load

*Increased systemic response and growth hormones which amplifies protein synthesis

*Able to use on days where pain might limit exercise

*Enhanced cardiac and vascular health

*Develop new blood vessels (angiogenesis) and stronger bones

*Optimized rate of fracture healing

*Reduced time of recovery by 50% for most injuries and surgeries

In summary, elastic pneumatic BFR training is the idea of impeding venous return such that the working muscle with easy exercises is not getting the blood and oxygen needed to sustain the work, therefore a metabolic crisis is created both local and systemic creating anabolic effects.

B Strong bands are proven to enhance sports performance, muscle mass, stamina, speed and agility as well as improve energy levels, bone density, metabolism, collagen production and recovery from injury or surgery. The award-winning system is the safest blood flow restriction system and can be used anytime, anywhere, no matter your age or mobility.

Safety and Contraindications

Your therapist is certified and trained to safely monitor you using BFR training and for correct placement to avoid side effects. During an evaluation, we will review your medical history to see if you're an appropriate candidate.  Sessions with BFR training will never exceed more than 20 mins with cuffs inflated and only use light weights.

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