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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Deep Tissue Laser Therapy


Deep tissue Laser affects metabolism at the cellular level. It helps injured cells/tissue heal quicker by enabling normal oxidative phosphorylation to be restored at mitochondria. Once activated, cells can produce more ATP, which helps restore normal cell metabolism. It has unique analgesic abilities that can help decrease pain, decrease inflammation, acts at the synovium of joints to reduce pain and inflammation and promotes tissue healing. These factors will restore function faster. 

This class 4  Laser treats acute and chronic musculoskeletal  conditions as well as post activity recovery.

Since Laser hastens the healing process, it is best applied throughout the inflammatory, proliferative, and even the remodeling stages of healing to keep the cells stimulated which is why additional sessions are needed.

Days 1-10: focus is on pain relief and restoring normal ROM. 

Days 11-30: continued pain relief with focus on resolving inflammation and promoting laying down collagen.

Days 30-60: Used for soft tissue injuries during the remodeling phase. 

Acute injuries: typically takes 6 sessions

Subacute injuries: typically takes 9 sessions

Chronic injuries: typically takes 12 sessions

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